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Why regular Eye Tests are Important.
Why Eye Tests are Important. What to expect when you visit an optometrist. Your Prescription.
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History of Polycarbonate
A brief history of Polycarbonate as a lens material.
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Optical terms. What are we talking about?
Definition of terms and phrases frequently used regarding glasses, contact lenses, and the eye.
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Common anomolies of the eye.
General information on cataracts, glaucoma and colour blindness.
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Affects of Uncorrected Visual Defects on Personal Safety & Job Function.
A brief paper on the most common optical deficiencies of the eye, and their affect on those working with these conditions.
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A summary of the main lens types used to correct vision and their uses.
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Preserving Vision Is the Name of the Game.
An article from the records of Titmus Optical in the USA, covering the necessity of wearing correct protective eyewear.
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Vision Screening Instruments
Information on vision screening, and specifications on the current i-series model Titmus Optical Vision Screeners. (Powerpoint presentation)
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